28 August 2021

Off Shore Investing

Not long ago, conventional asset protection, income tax avoidance mantra suggested taking a revenue-producing asset (such as Patents or Trade-marks that can be licensed) off-shore to a low or nil income tax jurisdiction. The idea was to earn royalties in a favourable tax jurisdiction and avoid U.S. or Canadian income tax on the income. The […]

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Human Rights Claims

One of the most difficult challenges facing entrepreneurs is a claim filed under Human Rights legislation. Essentially, a claimant has the benefits of government-paid legal counsel without any economic exposure or downside. By stark contrast, to all other litigation or claims against anyone, (all of which involve a claimant underwriting his own case), the Social

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Proper Documentation For Business

Brothers Charles and Henry embark on a business plan of buying and renting residential properties. The first is a family residence, with 2 tenants in the basement, but all of Charles’ and Henry’s families also occupy the property as a principal residence. Their Dad and Mom, their wives and their collective 4 children, a total

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Business Set Up

We are approached frequently by budding entrepreneurs seeking to set up a business. Almost invariably, the issue of costs arises, equally frequently with limited funds. A substantial number of introductions involve “partners” joining forces to start a business. What to do? First, the usual default structure is to incorporate: Tax advantages; liability avoidance; limitations on

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