The Age of Technology – at my age!

The Art of TechnologyIt was probably 1998, just 14 years ago, I was asked by our Office Manager whether I had any need for a computer.  Frankly, I declined; couldn’t see any benefit whatever in terms of my own use even though my then Secretary had a computer for Word Processing.  Shortly after, I was asked if I had an interest in emails.  My then clients were predominantly banks who were notorious in their apprehension that any email communication could somehow erode the inner sanctum of their vaults; again, I declined.  Finally I was asked if I had any appetite for access to the Internet.  “What would I use that for?” I asked.

My goodness, have things changed.  Today, our entire office is online operating multiple programs at the same moment.  We could not survive without instantaneous email.  Our research resources are more dependent upon Internet than our library connections. Our clients seek exchanges of information with us via email.  Even in preference to any fax system and certainly not hardcopy by “snail mail”.

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