Partnership and Shareholder Agreements – Going to the Quick

Peter Welsh Law Partnership and Shareholder AgreementsIn nearly 40 years of practice, we have found the absence of partnership agreements or shareholder’s agreements has been the foundation of some unnecessary and usually vitriolic litigation.  Sometimes the litigation results in the demise of the entity, but in every case, the costs are more than significant, far dwarfing the costs of preparing an agreement in the first place.

We have repeatedly found, as well, a simple outline to introduce what is required which can be of significant assistance as business persons start up their relationship. 

We’ve reduced these key points to the following:

  • The 3 G’s

  • The 4 M’s

  • The 5 (or more) D’s

What does this mean?

It is simply this:  the 3 G’s mean “Getting in/Getting along/Getting out.”
The 4 M’s mean: “Money in/More Money in/Money out and Management.”
The 5 D’s mean:  “Death/Disability/Dissolution/Disaster/Desire (to leave)” (and a whole host of other words starting with “D”.)

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