Asset Protection and Creditor Proofing

Welsh Law Asset Protection and Creditor ProofingTwo phrases with essentially the same meaning (like: passed away/dead) but with significantly different  connotations and intentions (although ‘intentions’ form a large part of the distinction, the intentions are often merely concluded rather than fully evidenced).

Nevertheless, “asset protection” is designed to be a way through various  alternative vehicles to protect an asset, sometimes forever and sometimes for a while, from the grasp of a creditor.

There are legislatively protected  vehicles in Canada into which money or assets may flow which cannot be made to cough up that money even by court order.  On the other hand there have been many instances where an asset owner transfers that asset to a third party at the time the transferor had no debts, then after the transfer, he legitimately developed creditors who seek to bring the asset to within their  legal grip.

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